WESPA’s Bekki Roche sets a new World Record!

If the question is – how do you become a World Record holder what is the simple and undeniable answer?
Stumped? Confused? The answer is work hard to fine-tune your God-given talent, have unshakable faith in your own abilities AND, of course, join the best Sports Academy in Great Britain, WESPA!
The latest sporting hero of tomorrow to roll off the WESPA production line is 14 year-old Bekki Roche, a young lady with the power and strength of a Marvel Super-hero.
Last month, at a meet in Derby, Bekki, who has been offered a WESPA Scholarship, became the Hammer Decathlon world record holder in her age-group, achieving the feat by throwing ten differently-weighted hammers with short and long wires from 2 KG right up to 12.5 KG.
“ It really is astonishing to think that one of our young athletes is now the very proud holder of a World Record, “ said WESPA CEO, Alastair Saverimutto. “ Whatever Bekki does in the years ahead, wherever she goes, no-one will ever be able to take that away from her; she is in the record-books forever and a day. “
Bekki, who lives in Knowsley and attends Liverpool’s St Edwards College, admits that she took up the hammer more by accident than by design.
“ The truth is I sort of stumbled into the event, “ she said. “ During a PE lesson at school my teacher spotted my potential and encouraged me to give it a real go.”
And give it a go she did – racking up an enormous list of quality achievements including Merseyside County Schools Champion and England Outdoor Champion ( Under-15 ).
The multi-talented Bekki is also a member of the WESPA Fire Netball squad and is fulsome in her praise of the Academy’s panel of expert coaches and fitness specialists.
“ I have a great WESPA team around me to coach strength & conditioning, speed agility, psychology and nutrition and all managed and pulled together by my WESPA Sporting Director. All this expert support has really boosted my performance levels” she said.