WESPA FIRE Netball In 2 League Finals And Win Against Chester!

WESPA 1 & WESPA 2 U’15 Netball Teams were on top form this morning earning convincing victories in the Warrington Premier and Division 1 leagues. The grand finals take place next weekend!

To cap off a great day WESPA 1 went head-to-head in a Reddish Premier League clash against local rivals Chester. In a thrilling game that had more or less everything with every player from both teams giving 110%, WESPA FIRE pulled away in the 3rd quarter with a 7 point lead going into the last 10 minutes.

A professional performance from defence to attack built upon a strong base of fitness, explosive power and physical strength, earned the WESPA girls the lions share of possession. This ascendancy ultimately converted into points and with the ever improving technical skill-sets shining through in spades, the WESPA FIRE girls earned the bragging rights in a 27-20 final score.

From start to finish the game was played with intensity and passion from both teams, with the Chester girls demonstrating just why they are a force to be reckoned with.

Ultimately sport presents so many different wins for our girls and at all levels, and its the healthy competitiveness that WESPA FIRE, Chester and so many other teams have across the region that affords mums/dads/grandparents/siblings such memorable and exhilarating experiences on a Sunday. Win lose or draw these experiences are invaluable and our teams coaches, referees and officials deserve all the plaudits for the work and effort they put in for the benefit of our daughters.a