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The WESPA way is how we raise the bar in what all of our athletes can achieve. Our greatest asset is our ability to surpass the potential level of success each athlete imposes on themselves. By discovering what the individuals excel in, our elite sporting development programmes allow individuals to exceed all expectations, transforming them from competitors into champions.

We Discover
By discovering raw talent, we signpost the correct pathways for our athletes, partners and professionals.
Then Develop
Our sporting development programme transforms competitors into champions.
To Deliver
We will create champions, who will achieve and succeed and inspire generations of others.

World Class Performance Training

WESPA (World Elite Sports Performance Academy) is an organisation that delivers “sport specific” world-class performance training to young athletes, as they bid to improve their physical and mental conditioning to international and world class standards.

We have a proven track record of developing elite international athletes across a wide range of sports.

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