A Glimpse Into The Near Future Of GB Sport!

Here they come – the next wave of WESPA stars! They have the X-FACTOR, they live in Britain and have TALENT aplenty and pretty soon they won’t have to head to the Australian jungle to be acclaimed as CELEBRITIES.

At WESPA we have always prided ourselves on many, many things – in an understated and non-smug manner you understand!

Our message, our stated aim, our Mission Statement is very simple and very direct – the pursuit of excellence. Yes, we want to encourage grass-roots sport and mass participation at all levels and ages but our over-riding objective is to produce not simply the athletes of tomorrow but to deliver the SUPERSTARS of tomorrow.

We remain confident – some would say convinced – that in the years which lie ahead we WILL see athletes proudly sporting the WESPA logo climbing up onto the winner’s podium at the World’s most prestigious events – and, yes, we mean the BIG ones – the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games and the World Championships.

The progress now being made by our youngsters is so impressive, so remarkable, that even our world-class coaches and conditioning experts have been taken aback; their sense of awe is such that even the most vociferous amongst our elite back-room team have, for once, fallen silent in sheer admiration!

Every so often we shall introduce you to a group of our most gifted. Just regard it if you will as a glimpse into the near-future of GB sport. Remember their names!


Having recently turned 13, Gina is now officially a part of the Wirral’s rebellious youth – well she possibly would be if she didn’t spend so much of her spare time training furiously in pursuit of her stated goal of “being the very best“.

Gina has enjoyed a hugely successful track and field season and is currently Merseyside County Champion, Merseyside Schools Champion and County Schools Champion in the High Jump with a PB of 1.40 Metres.

Not content with that fabulous list of achievements she also finished second in all three Championships in the Javelin!

Not too surprisingly, Gina, a pupil at Birkenhead High School Academy, is now multi-eventing and will shortly participate in a Pentathlon in Exeter.

“I suppose some will think that I have given over my entire life to athletics but I haven’t – I do still enjoy the normal teenage things away from athletics, “ she said. “ Having said that, sport is my passion and with the help of WESPA I hope to continue improving and chasing down my dream of winning international recognition.”


Here is a young lady who serves to underscore the fact that WESPA’s reach continues to extend – if you have talent we WILL find you …..unless, as is usually the case, you find us first.
Eleven year-old Macy lives on the Isle of Man, has just finished primary school ( Kewaigue School ) and has just started at Ballakermeen High School. Macy joined WESPA three months ago and now, by her own admission, is “Academy crazy”.
“I love everything about WESPA,” she said. “The Strength and Conditioning coaches are wonderful and I have definitely improved as an athlete – and probably also as a person – since I joined WESPA.”

Macy’s achievements run to several pages so here are just a few highlights from the sporting CV of a youngster headed for a very bright future.

2016 and 2017 Primary Schools Cross-country champion – competing against other Year Five and Year Six athletes from across the IOM.
2016 and 2017 IOM Under-11 Cross-country Champion.
Twice competed in the prestigious “ Westminster Mile “ in the Under-11 section, finishing second in both 2016 and 2017.
2017 Lancashire Cross-country Champion in the Under-11 section after finishing in second place the previous year.
Macy holds an astonishing FIVE Manx records at Under-11……in the 75 Metres, the 150 Metres, the 600 Metres, the 800 Metres and the 1200 Metres.
In her first year competing at Under-13 level she has so far achieved Manx records in the 800 Metres, the 1200 Metres and the Mile.


This young man – he is 11 years old – joined WESPA in May of this year to specifically work on strength and conditioning. His progress has been such that he recently opted to leave the Liverpool Harriers club to sign-up for our newly-formed WESPA FIRE Athletics squad.
Harrison competes in the Under-13 bracket – within the younger group of that section which is classified as “ Lower Under-13 “.
In his section he currently ranked in the UK’s top five in both the 100 Metres and 200 Metres.
He is a two-time Merseyside sprint champion over 75 Metres and 150 Metres, he won a silver medal at the Merseyside Schools Championships over both 100 Metres and 200 Metres, he is the Liverpool City Champion of Champions gold medallist in the 135 Metre Sprint and, over the past 18 months, he has collected an astonishing 75 medals (71 of which are GOLD ) in competitions across the country!

“ I live to compete – it is my passion, “ he said. “ Moving across to WESPA FIRE Athletics wasn’t an easy decision but I now know it was the right one. WESPA is an organisation which is geared to produce champions – and that is
what I want to be.”


Now here is a multi-talented, multi-skilled athlete who unashamedly shares WESPA’s vision of a Golden future.
The 13 year-old, a member of the Birkenhead Gymnastics Academy, has set her heart on representing GB in the Sports Acro Trio Base at the 2019 European Championships.
Tallulah always has been “ multi-sported “ – initially dancing, athletics and triathlon – but now specialising in Gymnastics Sports Arcro. She has competed all over Britain winning many competitions. Indeed, her trio was the favourite to win the British Championships 2017 until untimely illness intervened.
However, they went on to compete in an IAG international Tournament in Holland -and underscored their potential by winning the competition!
Tallulah enjoys ( and endures! ) her strength and conditioning work and is now a key figure in the WESPA FIRE Athletics team with a view to specialising in Pole-vault and Hurdles


Of course, what every aspiring young athlete needs is a similarly gifted sibling to engender a sense of family competition!
Tallulah’s younger sister, Keira, is equally determined to make her mark in a WESPA shirt and is already regarded as one of our region’s most promising young athletes.
Her passion for sport encompasses many different disciplines including Rugby, Football, Swimming, Athletics and Triathlon.
Her list of achievements is similar to that of her big sister – simply enormous.
In 2015 she came third in the North-west Triathlon Series and she then went on to win countless events from track to Cross-country.
Despite her tender years, Keira is ranked inside the country’s top-ten for each and every one of her running events and she competed in this year’s Wirral Seaside Race, winning the Under-20 title at the age of just 12.
Keira is a Grade One AAA National Standard Athlete – something achieved only by the top seven per cent in the country.
A string of hugely-impressive PBs in the 800 Metres, 1200 Metres, 1500 Metres, the Mile and the 5K will qualify Keira for English Schools competition next year, where she will proudly represent Merseyside and the North-west.
Like her sister, she is an influential member of the Wespa Fire team and the girls often train with Keira’s twin-brother Ethan who is also a highly gifted young athlete. Some family!