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Clinical Sports Psychology Sessions (One-to-One)

Clinical Sports Psychology

The WESPA Clinical Sports Psychology sessions are designed to work closely with the athlete throughout their sporting journey, in order to aid their sporting performance further. These sessions will allow the athlete to gather a developed understanding of the importance of psychology within sport and how it will help to improve their overall performance.

The clinical sports psychology sessions will involve:

  • Discussing with the athlete the thoughts and emotions behind a typical training session and competitive environment.
  • How/ what they do to prepare mentally prior to training or competition.
  • Highlighting any difficulties/ issues the athlete is experiencing, for example: mental blocks, confidence, motivation or overcoming specific barriers.
  • Finding solutions to these issues to allow the athlete to feel at ease within their sport, i.e. developing coping skills (how to deal with setbacks/barriers).
  • Discovering the best level of arousal for performance (getting in the ‘zone’).
  • Looking at the behaviours towards their short- and long-term athletic performances.
  • These sessions will aim to provide the following benefits:
  • Improving overall performance
  • Improving focus and determination (allow athlete to deal with distractions easily)
  • Increase athlete well-being, confidence levels and motivation
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