First WESPA VIP Programme makes a huge impact!

Here at WESPA we are not adverse to occasionally wallowing in the warm afterglow of fulsome praise! In truth, we do not usually choose to publish glowing testimonials – simply because we do receive so many of them; there is always a thin line between satisfaction and unwelcome arrogance.

But, sometimes we simply cannot help ourselves – sometimes the temptation is just too much!

And so we publish below a recent email we received from a WESPA fan who recently took part in one of our new VIP Strength and Conditioning programmes.

“I’ve just completed my first WESPA VIP programme of Stength & Conditioning and am incredibly impressed with this gym. Before training started, information was taken regarding my current fitness level, sporting background and injuries/limitations. I was then asked about what I wanted to achieve, so that a programme could be designed to help me work towards that goal.

I have been made to feel so welcome at WESPA, the staff and coaches are fantastic, friendly and incredibly professional. WESPA is not intimidating is any way at all.

The standard of coaching is beyond anything I have previously encountered in many years of training. Every session has been tailored perfectly to my level of fitness and ability, which has resulted in significant results in a very short period of time.

Harry, Connor & Steve have taught me how to lift weights properly, provided new and interesting exercises, whilst coaching & encouraging me in such a positive way during every session. I am now lifting heavier weights, have lost a descent amount of body fat, am aerobically fitter, have met some great people and am feeling much more settled and happier in myself.

I cannot recommend the WESPA VIP programme enough. For this standard of coaching, WESPA VIP is exceptional value.”

Matt (aged 39)